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Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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Tittel Det lille huset på prærien - TV Filmene
Original tittel

Little House on the Prairie - The Movies

Kategori Drama
Region 2
Utgivelsesdato 20.06.2012
Lengde 6t 6min
Aldersgrense 7 år
Produksjonsår 1974 - 1983
Bildeformat 4:3
Lydformat Dolby Digital Stereo
Teksting Norsk, Dansk, Finsk, Svensk



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Det lille huset på prærien - TV Filmene, Little House on the Prairie - The Movies, DVD, film


Filmed between July and September 1983, straight after the end of season 9, the series of 3 TV movies concludes the adventures of the best-known family of pioneers in the history of television! You can also discover the pilot episode in this DVD edition! Share the incredible destiny of the Ingalls and all the residents of Walnut Grove in this last, but not least edition!

Little House on the Prairie - The pilot
Charles and Caroline Ingalls move from the woods of Wisconsin to the open prairies of Kansas. Their closest neighbour, Isaiah Edwards, helps the Ingalls settle into their new home as they encounter storms, a fire, and hostile American Indian Tribes. After finally settling they are notified by the government that they have to move immediately. They give their livestock to Isaiah and leave Kansas. It still remains one of NBC's highest rated pilots.

Look Back to Yesterday
Charles Ingalls is doing well financially and intends to pay for his son Albert to go to medical school. Albert, who has been suffering from nose bleeds for some time, suddenly faints during a visit to his old home town, Walnut Grove. Dr. Baker is concerned and recommends a thorough examination by a specialist. The results are devastating.

Bless All Dear Children
A family trip to Mancato takes a dramatic turn for Almanzo, Laura, Rose and Isaiah when baby Rose is kidnapped from her pram. A period of dreadful uncertainty begins for the worried parents, who receive unexpected help from an orphan called Sam. Meanwhile, Nels Oleson plans to give his spoilt daughter Nancy a better understanding of the real meaning of Christmas.

The Last Farewell
Charles and Caroline Ingalls travel to Walnut Grove to visit their children. They both indulge in reminiscence, but it's not long before the journey develops into a dark chapter of the otherwise friendly town's history. An unscrupulous businessman who owns the land that Walnut Grove is built on gives its people an unacceptable ultimatum. But he hadn't reckoned with the outraged town dwellers...

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