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10/10 (1 stemmer)

Tittel Det lille huset på prærien - Sesong 4
Original tittel

Little House on the Prairi

Kategori TV-Serie, Drama
Region 2
Utgivelsesdato 18.02.2009
Lengde 1065 min
Aldersgrense Ingen aldersgrense
Produksjonsår 1977
Bildeformat 1.33:1 Full frame
Lydformat DD 2.0
Teksting Norsk, Dansk, Finsk, Svensk


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Det lille huset på prærien - Sesong 4, Little House on the Prairi, DVD, film


Little House on the Prairie - Sesong 4

On September 11, 1974, ?Little House on the Prairie? made its TV debut, destined to significantly alter the landscape of television. Acclaimed author, Laura Ingalls Wilder, had reached into her heart to create a reality driven, impact-filled story of an American pioneer family?s struggle to survive the challenges of frontier life with courage, dignity and humor. Loyal fans will relive these exciting adventures, while new viewers will discover the Ingalls? unconquerable courage as they strive to build a better way of life. The Complete Fourth Season ? 1977-1978 A trip to Chicago makes Charles and Mary appreciate their home ? Laura and Mary witness the drowning of a friend ? Andy and Laura become crime investigators ? Outlaw, Jesse James, and his brother hide out in Walnut Grove - Nellie falls in love and makes wedding plans ? Laura finds a mysterious message that leads her to an abandoned baby ? Charles inherits some money from a relative - Caroline becomes pregnant with their fourth child ? The Ingalls are devastated by the news that Mary is going blind - These and all of the other exciting adventures from the entire Fourth Season are presented in this Special Collector?s Edition!

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av: wapz12

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